You Won’t Believe What This Beagle Did!

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When you have a cute baby and a valuable beagle young puppy in the same video, it’s naturally going to be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. This video made my day!

The video features a beagle dog taking a baby’s toy. When the baby starts crying after the K9 criminal offense took place, the beagle starts feeling so guilty and goes ahead for the rest of the day digging himself from the doghouse.


The beagle was so desperate making up for the “stealing” so his solution was to pile mountains of toys on the baby … and it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen!

Watch this beagle’s precious video right now!


“Adorable, right? I bet that beagle learned an epic lesson on guilt and will never steal toys from the baby again!”

via Q Political & 9NEWS (KUSA)

More about the amazing beagle breed:

Beagles are conveniently-sized, handsome and easy-to-groom, friendly with people, tranquil with other animals, and with their attractive soulful
expression, it’s completely natural that lots of people consider them as potentially remarkable animals.

Nevertheless, Beagles were established as hunting canines and they have lots of hunting dog behaviors “hardwired” into their genes.

Beagles need a lot more exercise than many people give them, which is why you see so many fat Beagles with illness. They’re often kept in city apartments or apartments, they should not be. Beagles need long regular strolls and a fenced yard where they can stretch their legs off-leash-FENCED since Beagles are explorers and chasers who will follow their nose anywhere that interesting sight or odor takes them, and because Beagles are endowed with selective deafness, they hardly ever come back when you call them.

In addition, you cannot leave them outside unmonitored, for Beagles are vulnerable to wanderlust and can be proficient climbers and diggers. Likewise, Beagles left outside ended up being bored and then they bay and groan and dig holes.

Another thing … most Beagles are chowhounds, so keep your trash bin out of reach and never ever set your plate of food down where he can get to it.

The Beagle’s huge stubbornness and distractability require constant and persistent obedience training based on respect. Food rewards can be.
a fantastic motivator for Beagles, however if you base all of your training on food, your Beagle will just follow when you have a cookie in your hand- obviously not a good scenario.




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