Highly Obese Beagle ‘Kale Chips’ Gets Assistance Walking

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An 85-Pound Beagle Named Kale Chips Is Now On A Strict Weight-Loss Diet…

Meet ‘Kale Chips’ An Obese Beagle:

The 85-POUND Beagle so fat he had to be wheeled into the animal rescue shelter on a wagon

  • Kale Chips was surrendered to animal services by his elderly owner 
  • He tipped the scales at 85 pounds, had to be wheeled in on a wagon
  • Rescuers named him Kale Chips in honor of his new diet and exercise plan

Kale Chips, named in the hopes of a much healthier future, was surrendered by his senior Chicago owners as they could not care for him. Beagles normally weigh around 25 pounds when they are at a healthy weight. This dog, however, tipped the scales at a hefty 85 pounds. Among other possible illness his weight could cause, it puts remarkable anxiety on his joints, making it extremely tough for him to obtain the proper workout, not to mention stroll from one space to another. When he showed up, he unfortunately needed to be wheeled into the shelter.
But you wouldn’t guess it. While most of his breed is healthy at 22-25 pounds, this seven-year-old Beagle weighs a hefty 85. And when he was surrendered to animal rescue volunteers by his elderly Chicago owner, they needed a wagon to wheel him into the shelter.

obese_beagle2Tipping the scales: Kale Chips weighs 85 pounds – quadruple the healthy weight of average adult Beagles

‘It was a huge shock, he is the most overweight dog we have ever encountered,’ Heather Owen, co-founder of One Tail, told DailyMail.com

‘The shelter has a wagon on hand for dogs that can’t walk,’ she added.

‘They used it to wheel him from his kennel to us, so we could take him out of the shelter. He had to be lifted out and helped to the car.’

It was a shock – despite the fact that Beagles, according to the National Beagle Club, ‘are one of a very few breeds that will literally eat themselves to death.’

Julie Wright of the NBC explains that ‘most dogs will self-regulate and only eat the amount of food they need to maintain the level of exercise they are getting.

‘However, beagles have a tendency to eat all the food they can get and use those soft brown eyes to beg for more and more.’

But only few have been known to gorge to such extremes.

‘His owner relinquished him to the shelter because they were elderly and unable to care for him,’ Owen told us.

‘We don’t know much beyond that, but we think it was a situation in which they were unable to walk him, and as time went on it got worse and worse.’

Hoping to tempt fate with a diet-friendly name, the volunteers came up with Kale Chips.

(via Daily Mail)

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