A Beagle Reunites Again With His Family After a Long Journey of 6 years!

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If You’ve Ever Had A Pet Disappear, You Know It Can Feel Like You’ve Lost A Member Of Your Family. That Happened To The Helland Family 6 Years Ago.

Maisy The Lost Beagle










April Helland and her son Parker see Maisy for the first time in 6 years. 
(Photo: Young Williams Animal Center)


A great deal could change in six years.
For Maisy the Beagle, that’s half of her of life. Sadly she now has difficultly walking and also the vet’s orders are for her to spend most of her time resting.

Yet some things are precisely the same as they use to.

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“She still does it, when you pick her up, she’ll just lay back like this and be so sweet,” said Maisy’s owner, April Helland, as the 12-year-old beagle rests on her shoulder.

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Maisy is the Hellands’ first family dog.

When their youngest boy, Parker, was merely 4 years old, Maisy followed him and his brothers right into the woods of their Hardin Valley home but never reappeared.

“We started looking around the woods, putting up flyers, asking the mail lady ‘can you watch out for a dog,'” said Parker, now 10.

“It was like losing a member of the family,” said father, Chad. “When we put the flyers up looking for her, that’s what we put, lost family member.”

“I just prayed all night, ‘God please bring her back.’ I just missed her so much,” Parker said.

“I thought I would never see her again. Ever,” said April.

The family frequently thought of her, but moved on after a while. They even got another Beagle, called Cooper, however they say he didn’t replaced her. And this week, Chad Helland got a call from Young Williams Animal. Maisy was not just alive, but at the shelter waiting to be picked up.

“It was probably the most shocking phone call I’ve ever gotten in my life,” said Chad.
Maisy has a microchip, the size of a piece of rice, inside her. The microchip has the Hellands’ contact information on it.
Because the Hellands’ kept their address updated, when animal control found her wandering, they knew exactly who to call.

“It’s one of those things that just worked out perfectly. It’s the way it’s supposed to work,” said Young Williams Animal Center CEO, Jeff Ashin.


via Mary Scott, WBIR

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